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Appstar Financial – An Analysis

How easy is to establish a company and earn a charming reputation? There is no need to think twice to answer this question, because we all know the answer is ‘tough’. However, it will never take much time to tarnish somebody’s name by delivering improper or ‘fact less’ information. Psychological experts say that, no voice raise without reasons and that is what we common people relay.  When we see two or more articles or comments that contains alleged accuses against a reputed company, obviously we will double check before we start any relationship with them. However, if the reason is genuine, there is no doubt that the company will shut down its operations very soon due to the lack of business. This article is related to Appstar financial scam, the realities and idealisms behind the accuses.

What is Appstar financial scam?

Some reports randomly started to appear in the internet depicting about Appstar scams. The most of them sounds seriously same and portrays that Appstar does not provide information regarding the hidden prices related to payment processing and merchants are receiving frequent cold calls from Appstar agents.
Let us check the reality of the situation, before going into any further it is important to learn about Appstar finance.

Appstar finance

Appstar financial service is a payment processing company based in San Diego and established in the year 2002.  This company acquired a vigorous growth rate and wide acceptance, which made them to hire more employers and spread their services to other parts of the country.

Their main service includes credit and debit card processing, check services and gift cards. A decade of experience in the industry helped them to withstand all the wrong and fact less allegations, which in turn helped them to provide better services to their customers. However, the Appstar Financial’s response to the scams attracted worldwide attention. Though they denied scams as wrong or exaggerated allegations, they analyzed the actions of their marketing, sales, and support employees and monitored their service for a specific time.

The internal analysis

The administration realized that some of their employees were not bothered about the good will of the organization, as they verbally delivered offers to the customers to gain business and earn commissions though the instruction manuals and terms and conditions delivered by Appstar finance never contained them.

The company investigated these issues in novel ways to test the credibility of their employees by creating ‘settings’ were they met unreal clients. In fact, no one other than certain company officials learned the reality. These tests helped Appstar financial to analyze the action of its entire staffs periodically and helped them to improve their services by delivering quality training to the employees and restructuring their incentives and bonus. The employees, who followed malpractices and worked against company’s interest, got immediate termination from the organization. Reports say that some of these employees tried to spread fact less accuses through internet in the name of Appstar financial scam.

Resolution of the issues

Like all other leading payment processing companies, Appstar financial also faced many issues time to time and installed qualified staffs to resolve the issues generated by the unethical employees of the company. Customers who contacted the support team got immediate response and resolutions. They also initiated steps to ensure that their new and old customers stay updated about the organizations policies. Agents start to receive intense training and the company ensures their new customers are well aware about the company policies, offers, terms, and conditions.

Unresolved issues

However, some customers never tried the customer support and dealt with agents for the resolutions. Official company reports states that  some of their customers do not know most of their agents they relays on are terminated and they are no more the part of Appstar finance. Administration took necessary action to aware those customers who seemed to consulted by ex employees of Appstar finance.

How  Appstar survives amidst the Appstar Financial scam issues?
This question often echoes in common men’s mind as history always reminds us that a company, which is fraud will have only a short life period. The policies of Appstar finance is crystal clear and provided in a straightforward manner without twists and turns. They are structured in a way that it could digest even to a person with basic knowledge about the payment industry.

What about legal actions?

It is clear to the citizens of the United States of America that no organization in the country can escape legal action if they broke federal consumer protection laws. In case the scams were genuine, Appstar finance head office could had filled with legal notices from its millions of customers around the country.
The most interesting fact is that, this ten-year-old company is receiving extra ordinary support from the existing customers, who helped them sail through their difficult times.

History Of Appstar Financial


Appstar Financial could be a monetary services company based mostly in urban center, California U.S.A. the corporate provides group action process product and services for credit and debit, and alternative card transactions.

Appstar could be a registered freelance Sales Organization / businessperson Services supplier (ISO/MSP) of Fifth Third Bank.

Founded in 2002, Appstar has been commissioned by the higher Business Bureau since Sept twenty four, 2002.

Appstar provides mastercard businessperson services. As Associate in Nursing ISO/MSP within the electronic payments trade, Appstar could be a supplier of businessperson accounts, a sort of checking account that enables businesses to just accept payments by payment cards like debit or credit cards or gift cards. additionally to card process services, Appstar sells and leases mastercard process machines through direct sales and a series of resellers.

The company states that it provides services to tiny to medium-sized retail, home, and web merchants.

Former agents are essential of Appstar for leads quality, some have vocalized this however as of April 2013 the corporate retains Associate in Nursing A+ rating from the higher Business Bureau. as a result of their prompt attention to all or any complaints from either customers or agents.

A career at Appstar Financial – We are Hiring

Appstar Financial has successfully assisted hundreds of people that entered the business with little or no industry experience. In addition to our world class training, AppStar provides support at every step of the sale. We assist our outside sales consultants by presetting many of their appointments with qualified merchants in their local area.

Want a growing career, join us.

NFC payments – where the industry is heading

Your business can become more efficient by utilizing new and advanced payment options such as near field communication (NFC). This technology allows devices to communicate with each other using radio signals. One application of this technology is to let customers pay for items using their smartphones as credit cards. Google Wallet is an example of a growing service that allows Google Android smartphone users to use their phone to replace all of their eligible credit cards. This is possible if the smartphone contains the credit card information of the customer and if the business has an NFC-enabled machine for checkout.

Benefits Of Using NFC Technology

There are many benefits to using this technology at your business. Customers will be more satisfied if they have an additional payment option. Many savvy technology users today see carrying around a wallet full of credit cards as a hassle. Installing NFC may increase your business and make your registers more efficient. NFC can cut down on the amount of time it takes to do a transaction, saving your customer and your cashier valuable time. The reduced wait time in your checkout lines may increase customer satisfaction, making customers more likely to revisit your business in the future.

Examples Of NFC Enabled Devices

A restaurant application of NFC is to let each individual customer pay for his or her meal with an NFC-enabled device. A large party of people at one table could all individually pay for a meal and choose a tip without the hassle of giving the waiter or waitress numerous cards.

Another benefit of NFC payments is that you can add coupons to your customer’s smartphone. This means your customers will spend less time searching for coupons in their pockets, wallets, and purses. Reward programs that are easy to use will ensure brand loyalty.

Depending on what type of business you run, you may have a lot to gain simply by having the most up-to-date technology. If you manage a phone store, for example, it is prudent to have your shop equipped with the latest phone-related technology. This gives you another opportunity to showcase the products in your store as well as make your customers feel as if you know what is available. NFC technology is certain to take a larger role in customers’ checkout experiences in the years to come. Joining the movement while it is moving upward is the best way to make you appear ahead of the game.

The widespread availability of NFC-enabled devices makes this a promising new technology for fast checkout, and adopting this technology can save your business a lot of time and money.

Must Knows For Online Merchants

Payment Processing Tips For Online Merchants

Tips for small business payment processingThere are a few must know things for small businesses that are in need of a payment processing system. These are mentioned below –

Advise clients to choose a technically savvy and financially stable payments provider.

That said a payments provider must know ins and outs of the processing system. Due to complex requirements from one business to another these processing systems have moved from banks to technology providers. Provider must be able to process different forms of payments, be it debit card, credit card, gift card, ACH, loyalty card or any other form via different methods ie phone, web, retail store, mobile, check scanner etc.

Look to maximize sales channel opportunities

Best way to maximize opportunities for sale is to maximize the number of points of sale. Help your customer close the sale regardless of where you are for ex – over phone, on the web, a trade show or in a field. Asking customers to go to a store to make the purchase minimizes chances of sale.

Embrace credit cards 

Many of the customers like to use their credit card when making a purchase. Credit cards are most of the times more expensive than cash or check payment, for a merchant. Asking a customer not to use credit card may lead to losing a repeated customer.

Integrate payments data with the accounting system

Integrating payments data into accounting system eliminates that chances of errors that happen due to manual data entry. It can also reduce days sale outstanding (DSO) and enhance chance your client audit and compliance positions.

Advise clients in establishing a check payments strategy

As e-payments replace more and more checks, don’t lose sight of the potential increased exposure with fraudulent checks. Converting paper checks electronically to ACH, checks-by-phone, Web, Check 21, and check guarantee can increase cash flow and mitigate losses.

Focus clients on becoming PCI-compliant and scanning their PCs

Payment card industry ie PCI compliance is now a requirement for all businesses that interact with credit or debit card. PCI ensures that the merchant is current with all the updates and security risks.

Understand the importance of end-to-end encryption technology

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) starts with payment capture devices, and goes all the way to the transaction’s being authorized. E2EE prevents the card account data from being stolen electronically, and lessens the cost and impact to become a PCI-compliant business.

Help your clients understand mobile payments

This involves more than just a smartphone that can accept a credit card payment, or a mobile phone that replaces a credit card in making a purchase. It’s also about delivering information and marketing activities, such as offering coupons through an array of mobile devices, that build customer loyalty.