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Appstar Financial – An Analysis

How easy is to establish a company and earn a charming reputation? There is no need to think twice to answer this question, because we all know the answer is ‘tough’. However, it will never take much time to tarnish somebody’s name by delivering improper or ‘fact less’ information. Psychological experts say that, no voice raise without reasons and that is what we common people relay.  When we see two or more articles or comments that contains alleged accuses against a reputed company, obviously we will double check before we start any relationship with them. However, if the reason is genuine, there is no doubt that the company will shut down its operations very soon due to the lack of business. This article is related to Appstar financial scam, the realities and idealisms behind the accuses.

What is Appstar financial scam?

Some reports randomly started to appear in the internet depicting about Appstar scams. The most of them sounds seriously same and portrays that Appstar does not provide information regarding the hidden prices related to payment processing and merchants are receiving frequent cold calls from Appstar agents.
Let us check the reality of the situation, before going into any further it is important to learn about Appstar finance.

Appstar finance

Appstar financial service is a payment processing company based in San Diego and established in the year 2002.  This company acquired a vigorous growth rate and wide acceptance, which made them to hire more employers and spread their services to other parts of the country.

Their main service includes credit and debit card processing, check services and gift cards. A decade of experience in the industry helped them to withstand all the wrong and fact less allegations, which in turn helped them to provide better services to their customers. However, the Appstar Financial’s response to the scams attracted worldwide attention. Though they denied scams as wrong or exaggerated allegations, they analyzed the actions of their marketing, sales, and support employees and monitored their service for a specific time.

The internal analysis

The administration realized that some of their employees were not bothered about the good will of the organization, as they verbally delivered offers to the customers to gain business and earn commissions though the instruction manuals and terms and conditions delivered by Appstar finance never contained them.

The company investigated these issues in novel ways to test the credibility of their employees by creating ‘settings’ were they met unreal clients. In fact, no one other than certain company officials learned the reality. These tests helped Appstar financial to analyze the action of its entire staffs periodically and helped them to improve their services by delivering quality training to the employees and restructuring their incentives and bonus. The employees, who followed malpractices and worked against company’s interest, got immediate termination from the organization. Reports say that some of these employees tried to spread fact less accuses through internet in the name of Appstar financial scam.

Resolution of the issues

Like all other leading payment processing companies, Appstar financial also faced many issues time to time and installed qualified staffs to resolve the issues generated by the unethical employees of the company. Customers who contacted the support team got immediate response and resolutions. They also initiated steps to ensure that their new and old customers stay updated about the organizations policies. Agents start to receive intense training and the company ensures their new customers are well aware about the company policies, offers, terms, and conditions.

Unresolved issues

However, some customers never tried the customer support and dealt with agents for the resolutions. Official company reports states that  some of their customers do not know most of their agents they relays on are terminated and they are no more the part of Appstar finance. Administration took necessary action to aware those customers who seemed to consulted by ex employees of Appstar finance.

How  Appstar survives amidst the Appstar Financial scam issues?
This question often echoes in common men’s mind as history always reminds us that a company, which is fraud will have only a short life period. The policies of Appstar finance is crystal clear and provided in a straightforward manner without twists and turns. They are structured in a way that it could digest even to a person with basic knowledge about the payment industry.

What about legal actions?

It is clear to the citizens of the United States of America that no organization in the country can escape legal action if they broke federal consumer protection laws. In case the scams were genuine, Appstar finance head office could had filled with legal notices from its millions of customers around the country.
The most interesting fact is that, this ten-year-old company is receiving extra ordinary support from the existing customers, who helped them sail through their difficult times.