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History Of Appstar Financial


Appstar Financial could be a monetary services company based mostly in urban center, California U.S.A. the corporate provides group action process product and services for credit and debit, and alternative card transactions.

Appstar could be a registered freelance Sales Organization / businessperson Services supplier (ISO/MSP) of Fifth Third Bank.

Founded in 2002, Appstar has been commissioned by the higher Business Bureau since Sept twenty four, 2002.

Appstar provides mastercard businessperson services. As Associate in Nursing ISO/MSP within the electronic payments trade, Appstar could be a supplier of businessperson accounts, a sort of checking account that enables businesses to just accept payments by payment cards like debit or credit cards or gift cards. additionally to card process services, Appstar sells and leases mastercard process machines through direct sales and a series of resellers.

The company states that it provides services to tiny to medium-sized retail, home, and web merchants.

Former agents are essential of Appstar for leads quality, some have vocalized this however as of April 2013 the corporate retains Associate in Nursing A+ rating from the higher Business Bureau. as a result of their prompt attention to all or any complaints from either customers or agents.